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Inventory no. 40744 - Former Display Label

[1]124 A.H. =1712/3 A.D.

Signed, in a cartouche on the back, 'Made by `Abd al-A'imma who needs the mercy of the Lord, the Self-Sufficing; inscribed on the front of the kursî, 'By the command of the high-ranking confidante of the Khâqân, the pilgrim to the two illustrious sanctuaries, Hâjjî Ismaîl Bey, Jabbâdâr-bashî, this was completed [in the year] 124'. Jabbâdâr-bashî was the administrative title of the director of the arsenal. Brass.

{ain}Ankabût for 35 stars. 5 plates, for latitudes: 22° & 25° (double tablet), 35°; 30°, 32°; 31°; 33°; 34°, 36°; 37° and 38°. In the umm is engraved a gazeteer of the longitude, latitude and inhirâf of 77 places.

On the back are a sine/cosine graph; a very unusual graph for finding the moon's position; cotangent scales; a shadow-square; and the usual scales of degrees. The plain alidade, the qutb (pin) ornamented with a turquoise set in silver, and the relatively simple horse may be replacements. There is a {ain}ilâqa (suspension cord) of red silk.

[IC 38; Mayer, {ain}Abd al-Aimma the Y. V]
Lewis Evans Collection

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