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Inventory no. 35939 - Former Display Label

Early 17th century

Brass, ivory and wood. Inscribed on the sundial, "DO"; undated.

Projecting along the longest side is a brass rule, divided into 225 parts (200 of the divisions=242.5 mm.), with a bead sight at the end and a pin-hole sight not quite half-way along. On the undecorated part of the wood is fixed a square plate, engraved with a circular scale divided into four quadrants of 90°, and into twenty-four divisions (numbered 1-12 twice) each sub-divided into four. Pivoted in the centre of the plate, so that it can move over the scale, is an alidade with two hinged sights. Inset in the plate is a compass in an ivory box with 48 divisions (magn. decl. c.8° E. = c.1610), and a horizontal sundial with a folding string-gnomon for latitude c.48°.

Billmeir Collection

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