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Inv. 47759 - Royal Society connections

Christa Jungnickel and Russell McCormmach, Cavendish: The Experimental Life (Bucknell University Press, 1999), 61 mention the appearance of the lodestone at meetings of the Royal Society: 13 March 1728 in connection with Martin Folkes (Royal Society Journal Book 13: 314) and 9 April 1730 for a demonstration by Desaguliers (JB 13: 454).

Dr David Connell has examined the Royal Society Journal Book and generously passed on the following notes directly to the Museum.

Journal Book 13 gives the following information:

Dugood was proposed as a Fellow by Desaguliers, Halley & Folkes 29 Feb 1727/8 (fol.190) and elected 2 May 1728 (fol.210)

(fol.311/312) 13 March 1728/9
First reference to Duke of Devonshire's Lodestone: weighs 129lb
[This suggests that Dugood mounted the lodestone c1728.]

"Mr Folkes said he was present at an experiment tryed with it when it sustained full 177lb weight troy"

(fol.452) 9 April 1730
"Dr Desaguliers produced the famous Great Loadstone of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire and shewed the Society several experiments upon it. The stone weighed 105lb was curiously filled up and Capt being supported in a fine Mahogany frame, adapted with screws to raise it..."

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