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Inventory no. 42234 - Former Display Label

17th century

Brass. Unsigned and undated.

This instrument corresponds in design to that invented by Galileo about 1596-7, and described by him in his first published work, Operazioni del compasso geometrico e militare, Padua, 1606.

Engraved on the arms are scales marked, "Piede Reale di Parigi", "Palmo di Genova", "Metalliche", "Aritmetiche", "Stereometriche", "Geometriche", "Poligrafiche", "Quadratrici de Segmenti", "De Seni", "De Piani Regolari", "Delle Corde", "De Solidi Regolari", "Delle Tangenti", "Calibro de Pezzi d'Artigheria", and "Diametro, e Peso delle Palle".

The arms are hinged to open over scales of 360°. The arc, which holds the arms open at 90°, and is used in conjunction with the plumb-line and bob, is detachable.

Formerly in the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection

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