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Inventory no. 85162 - Former Display Label

1/4 18th century

Inscribed: "The Owner Ben Cole Engraver in Oxford, to him that finds it a Reward."
Brass, diameter 85mm. Latitude adjustment in one quadrant, 0° to 80° by ones. The slot for the pin-hole is marked in months on one side and in degrees of declination on the other. The Equinoctial point is at 10 March. One side of the outer ring is marked as a quadrant 0° to 90° by ones, for use with a plumb-bob and line, a small hole for which is in the ring. The hour ring is marked from 3 am to 9 pm, divided to quarter hours.

Benjamin Cole, fl. 1704-20, is known as an estate, town, district, and county surveyor. His son and grandson of the same name were well-known London instrument makers.


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