Astrolabe Catalogue


Image of the tympan or plate - click for larger version
Tympan 4a
Latitude 33°0'


Divisions Labelled Style
Divided every 6° from 0° to 90° Labelled every 6° with   (Abdjad) numerals Plain line.


Divisions Labelled Style
Divided every 10°  Labelled every 10° with   (Abdjad) numerals Plain line.


Type Labelled Style Notes
Equator Plain line.
Tropic of Cancer Plain line.
Tropic of Capricorn Plain line.


Type Labelled Description
Meridian line
Horizon rectus
Unequal hours Numbered (None in None script) (Abdjad), Dotted line style.


Transcription Translation Type
لعرص لج For latitude 33° Latitude
ساعاته يد يب Hours 14h 12m Hours of daylight
المشرق East Direction
المغرب West Direction
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