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Small image of astrolabe rete separated from astrolabe. Click to enlarge.
Date 1647/8 (A.H. 1057)
Maker Muḥammad Muqīm al-Yazdī
Place Persia
Material Brass
Inventory no. 45747
Acquisition Presented by Lewis Evans in 1924.
The rete is of the foliate (single knob) type. The star pointer for Vega is shaped like a bird facing to the leftThe zodiac on the rete is labelled: الحمل , الثور , الجوزا , الشرطان , الاسد , السنبله , الميزان , العقرب , القوس , الجدى , الدلو , الحوت


The rete is inscribed
Transcription Translation Notes Type
سلطا شاة عباس ثاني Sultan Shah Abbas the Second The inscription is worked into the tracery within the eclpitic on the rete Owner's mark


Type Range & Units Numbered Geometry Location
Ecliptic 0 - 30 Degrees of ecliptic Every 5  Ecliptic ecliptic


There are 47 stars on the rete marked with foliate pointers. Unless otherwise indicated the star name, mediation and declination are as marked/measured on the rete.
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Star name
(on instrument)
Modern star
(if known)
Mediation Declination Pointer
الجون pointer damaged pointer damaged foliate
ذنب القيطس الجنوبي Deneb Kaitos 8.0° of Aries -19° foliate
illegible 12.0° of Aries 20° foliate
راس مثلث 26.0° of Aries 27° foliate
كف الجدما Menkar 4.0° of Taurus 15° foliate
راس الغول Algol 14.0° of Taurus 39° foliate
تالی مسافه النهر Zaurac 14.0° of Taurus -11° foliate
عين الثور Aldebaran 5.0° of Gemini 17° foliate
عيوق Capella 13.0° of Gemini 46° foliate
رجل الجوزا Rigel 15.0° of Gemini -8° foliate
كف الجوزا اليسرى Bellatrix 17.0° of Gemini foliate
قضن الارنب 20.0° of Gemini -15° foliate
شعرى اليمانى Sirius 22.0° of Gemini -15° foliate
يد الجوزا Betelgeuse 23.0° of Gemini foliate
اذن كلب الاكبر 8.0° of Cancer -9° foliate
شعرى الشاميه Procyon 19.0° of Cancer foliate
المنكب الايمونى التوام الم� 20.0° of Cancer 21° foliate
فرد الشجاع Alphard 16.0° of Leo -7° foliate
راس الارتمانى 18.0° of Leo 41° foliate
قلب الاسد Regulus 26.0° of Leo 15° foliate
illegible 3.0° of Virgo 25° foliate
سقهنه الباطنير الجنوبيه 20.0° of Virgo -17° foliate
صرفه Denebola 22.0° of Virgo 17° foliate
سماك الاعزل Spica 18.0° of Libra -10° foliate
سماك رامح Arcturus 3.0° of Scorpio 21° foliate
illegible 7.0° of Scorpio 16° foliate
ردف الم؟؟ 22.0° of Scorpio 41° foliate
نير الفكه Alphecca 24.0° of Scorpio 31° foliate
عنق الحيه Unukalhai 24.0° of Scorpio foliate
Illegible Yed Prior 2.0° of Sagittarius -2° foliate
مرفق الحوا الايمر 6.0° of Sagittarius foliate
قلب العقرب Antares 8.0° of Sagittarius -22° foliate
منكب الر؟؟ الحاق 14.0° of Sagittarius 26° foliate
راس الحوا Rasalhague 21.0° of Sagittarius 14° foliate
نسر الواقع Vega 6.0° of Capricorn 39° foliate
ذنب العقاب Deneb el Okab 12.0° of Capricorn 13° foliate
منقار الدجاجه Albireo 18.0° of Capricorn 29° foliate
ذنب الطاير Altair 22.0° of Capricorn foliate
حول داس العقاب 26.0° of Capricorn -1° foliate
عين الجدى Deneb Algiedi 28.0° of Capricorn -19° foliate
ذنب الدلفين Deneb Dulfim 2.0° of Aquarius 11° foliate
ردف Deneb 6.0° of Aquarius 45° foliate
عاسره الدحاحه 14.0° of Aquarius 30° foliate
منكب الفرس Scheat 10.0° of Pisces 25° foliate
منقر دالما 14.0° of Pisces -15° foliate
كف الخضيب Caph 27.0° of Pisces 57° foliate

Pin & Horse

The rete is attached using a pin & horse.
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