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Small image of astrolabe rete separated from astrolabe. Click to enlarge.
Date 1542
Maker Georg Hartmann
Place Nuremberg
Material Wood
Inventory no. 49296
Acquisition Presented by Lewis Evans in 1924
The rete is of the indicator-line (simple) type. Moorish arch.The zodiac on the rete is labelled: ARIES , TAVRVS , GEMINI , CANCER , LEO , VIRGO , LIBRA , SCORPIVS , SAGITTARIVS , CAPRICORNVS , AQVARIVS , PISCES


Type Range & Units Numbered Geometry Location
Zodiacal signs 0 - 30 Zodiacal divisions, equal or unequal Every 10  Circular, concentric ecliptic


There are 29 stars on the rete marked with dagger pointers. Unless otherwise indicated the star name, mediation and declination are as marked/measured on the rete.
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Star name
(on instrument)
Modern star
(if known)
Mediation Declination Pointer
VENTER CETI Baten Kaitos pointer damaged pointer damaged dagger
SERPEN PAL pointer damaged pointer damaged dagger
NARIS CETI Menkar pointer damaged pointer damaged dagger
CAVDA CETI Deneb Kaitos 4.0° of Aries -19° dagger
AD MODNA 10.0° of Aries 36° dagger
GORGON 11.0° of Taurus 39° dagger
OCVLVS ♉ Aldebaran 3.0° of Gemini 18° dagger
CAPRA 11.0° of Gemini 46° dagger
SI, PES ORIONIS Rigel 13.0° of Gemini -8° dagger
CANIS MAIOR Sirius 8.0° of Cancer -15° dagger
CANIS MINOR Procyon 16.0° of Cancer dagger
HYDRA Alphard 14.0° of Leo -3° dagger
COR LEONIS Regulus 22.0° of Leo 14° dagger
PATERA 8.0° of Virgo -14° dagger
CAVDA LEONIS Denebola 22.0° of Virgo 16° dagger
CORVVS Gienah 28.0° of Virgo -14° dagger
SPICA VIRIGINS Spica 17.0° of Libra -7° dagger
VRSA Alkaid 22.0° of Libra 51° dagger
ARCTVRVS Arcturus 2.0° of Scorpio 22° dagger
CORONA Alphecca 21.0° of Scorpio 31° dagger
SI, SERP Yed Prior 29.0° of Scorpio -1° dagger
LIRA Vega 5.0° of Capricorn 37° dagger
AQUILA Altair 19.0° of Capricorn dagger
DELPHIN Deneb Dulfim 29.0° of Capricorn 13° dagger
HOLOR 5.0° of Aquarius 44° dagger
HUME, EQVI Scheat 7.0° of Pisces 26° dagger
PEGASUS Markab 9.0° of Pisces 13° dagger


The rete is attached using a pin. Foliate decorated pin, with no wedge.
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