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Small image of astrolabe rete separated from astrolabe. Click to enlarge.
Date 1719/20 (A.H. 1132)
Maker ‘Abd al-A’imma
Place Iṣfahān
Material Brass
Inventory no. 46681
Acquisition Presented by J. A. Billmeir in 1957
The rete is of the foliate (single knob) type. There are numerous construction marks on the back of the rete, including eclipitic divisions and tropic circles..The zodiac on the rete is labelled: حمل , ثور , جوزا , سرطان , اسد , سنبله , ميزان , عقرب , قوس , جدي , دلو , حوت


There are 0 stars on the rete marked with bulb pointers. Unless otherwise indicated the star name, mediation and declination are as marked/measured on the rete.
Click on the star name or modern star name to search for other astrolabes with the same star.
Star name
(on instrument)
Modern star
(if known)
Mediation Declination Pointer

Horse Image:

astrolabe part (photo)

Pin & Horse

The rete is attached using a pin & horse. The pin itself is plain. The horse, by contrast, is rather nicely made and detailed, including eyes, nostrils, mouth, as well as mane and ears..
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