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Small image of astrolabe rete separated from astrolabe. Click to enlarge.
Date ca. 1570
Maker Egnazio Danti
Place Florence
Material Gilt brass
Inventory no. 52209
Acquisition Presented by Lewis Evans in 1924
The rete is of the tropics-full (with equator) type. This is an unusual rete in that it includes not only a circle for the ecliptic, but also circles for both the equator and the Tropic of Cancer.The zodiac on the rete is labelled: ARIES , TAVRVS , GEMINI , CANCER , LEO , VIRGO , LIBRA , SCORPIVS , SAGITTARIVS , CAPRICORNVS , AQVARIVS , PISCES


Type Range & Units Numbered Geometry Location
Ecliptic 0 - 30 Degrees of ecliptic 10  Ecliptic ecliptic


There are 31 stars on the rete marked with flamant pointers. Unless otherwise indicated the star name, mediation and declination are as marked/measured on the rete.
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Star name
(on instrument)
Modern star
(if known)
Mediation Declination Pointer
ANDROMEDAE SC Mirach 4.0° of Aries 29° flamant
CAPVT MEDVSE Algol 13.0° of Taurus 39° flamant
PLE BOR 22.0° of Taurus 23° flamant
HIAD IN NARIBS TA 1.0° of Gemini 15° flamant
OCVLVS TAVRIS Aldebaran 5.0° of Gemini 16° flamant
HIRCVS Capella 12.0° of Gemini 45° flamant
ORIONIS SINIS PES Rigel 13.0° of Gemini -9° flamant
HVM DEX PERSEI Betelgeuse 24.0° of Gemini flamant
C MA SIRIOS Sirius 7.0° of Cancer -16° flamant
CAP ♊ PRECED 15.0° of Cancer 32° flamant
C MI PROCION Procyon 18.0° of Cancer flamant
ASELLVS 2.0° of Leo 23° flamant
HyDRIE LVCIDA Alphard 16.0° of Leo -5° flamant
COR LEONIS Regulus 23.0° of Leo 14° flamant
CORVI ROSTRVM Gienah 27.0° of Virgo -22° flamant
VENDEMIATOR 10.0° of Libra 13° flamant
SPICA VIRGINIS Spica 18.0° of Libra -9° flamant
VRS MA CAV VLTIMA Alkaid 19.0° of Libra 52° flamant
ARCTVRVS Arcturus 1.0° of Scorpio 23° flamant
CHELE BOR 16.0° of Scorpio -7° flamant
COR SCORPII Antares 3.0° of Sagittarius -24° flamant
CAP ERCVLIS Rasalgethi 14.0° of Sagittarius 15° flamant
LIRA Vega 4.0° of Capricorn 58° flamant
AQVILA Altair 20.0° of Capricorn flamant
CVSPIS SAGITTE Kaus Australis 20.0° of Capricorn 10° flamant
CAVDA DELPHINI Deneb Dulfim 1.0° of Aquarius 10° flamant
CAVDA CIGNI Deneb 5.0° of Aquarius 44° flamant
CAVDA CETI Deneb Kaitos 6.0° of Pisces -20° flamant
CRVS PEGASEI Scheat 9.0° of Pisces 25° flamant
ARIE CORN PREC 25.0° of Pisces 18° flamant
VENTER CETI Baten Kaitos 26.0° of Pisces -16° flamant

Pin & Wedge

The rete is attached using a pin & wedge. Head of pin is an ornate engraved head.
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