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astrolabe, inventory number 45127 from Italy, late 15th century
Datelate 15th century
Inventory no.45127
AcquisitionPresented by Lewis Evans in 1924

On one side of this instrument is an astrolabe for a single latitude (33°), and on the other an astrological volvelle, used to find the positions of planets and other celestial bodies, especially in relation to the traditional astrological houses. The scales comprise abbreviated names of the heavenly houses, a solar calendar, the zodiac, its decanates and their rulers, and symbols of the elements (fire, air, water, and earth) attributed to the several signs and quarters of the zodiac. The lowest movable disc carries eight pointers which are used to determine the principal astrological aspects. The eight upper pointers which are attached to individual movable discs serve to mark the position of the seven planets and of the nodes of the moon.

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Throne, Ring and Shackle

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The back of the astrolabe is an astrological volvelle. Concentric scales bear the astrological houses, months, zodiacal signs and additional astrological data. Pointers indicate the motions of the planets, astrological aspects, and the nodes of the moon. The back contains 0 scales. More information

Rete, Rivet

The rete contains 40 stars. The zodiac on the rete is labelled: AR , TA , GE , CA , LE , VI , LI , SC , SA , CA , AQ , PI .
The rete is attached using a rivet. More information

Rules & Alidades

Type Details
PointerSingle-ended, counter-changed.
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