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The Friends of the Museum

Spring, 1996

In Issue 1 of Sphæra, the Museum announced plans to start an organization of ‘Friends’. These plans have now been realized, with Martin Kemp – Professor of the History of Art – as President and Willem Hackmann as Secretary.

A programme of events has been arranged exclusively for Friends, including lectures, workshops and private views, with one event being held per term. In addition, Friends will receive complimentary copies of Sphæra, will be offered concessionary rates on Museum publications, and will be able to view areas of the collection usually closed to the public.

Events arranged for 1996 are a reception and a private view of the current special exhibition ‘The Geometry of War’, to be held on Friday the 14th June; a Friends’ Winter Soirée in Michaelmas term; and a hands-on workshop about early wireless technology arranged to coincide with the centenary of Marconi’s 1896 experiments on Salisbury Plain.

Full details of the programme, an application form, and the terms of membership can be found in the leaflet included with this issue of Sphæra. If you would like further details or have any suggestions to make as regards possible forthcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact Willem Hackmann, Secretary of the Friends, at the Museum’s address.