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The Opposite Blackwell’s Academic Booksale

Autumn, 1995

Because of new procedures that have been introduced for accounting for stock together with the requirement that a charitable body should not run a trading facility at a loss, the Museum is obliged to look more carefully than formerly at the range of books stocked by the bookstall. The benefit to readers of Sphæra is that – while stocks last – we are offering the following titles at bargain prices. Please add £2.50 for postage and packing and send a cheque (made payable to the ‘Museum of the History of Science’) to the address below with your order.

  • Norma Aubertine-Potter & Alyx Bennett, Oxford Coffee Houses, 1651-1800, 75p (Formerly £3.50)
  • Edwin Banfield, Barometers: Aneroid and Barographs, £2.50 (£7).
  • Edwin Banfield, Barometers: Stick or Cistern Tube, £3 (£9.50)
  • Edwin Banfield, Barometers: Wheel or Banjo, £2.50 (£7)
  • Edwin Banfield, Barometer Makers and Retailers, 1660-1900, £4 (£7.95)
  • C. F. C. Beeson, Perpignan 1356: the Making of a Clock and Bell for the King’s Castle, £5 (£25)
  • Frank Brown, William Herschel: Musician and Composer, 50p (£2.50)
  • Allan Chapman, Dividing the Circle: the Development of Critical Angular Measurement in Astronomy, 1500-1850, £5 (£20.45)
  • Philip R. Collins, Care and Restoration of Barometers, £2 (£5.95)
  • Kenneth Dewhurst, Thomas Willis’s Oxford Lectures, £2 (£9)
  • Kenneth Dewhurst, Willis’s Oxford Casebook (1650-52), £2 (£12)
  • John R. Millburn, Wheelwright of the Heavens: the Life and Work of James Ferguson F.R.S., £15 (£30)
  • Patrick Moore, Caroline Herschel: Reflected Glory, 50p (£2)
  • Pitkin Guide, University City of Oxford, 50p (£1.99)
  • Martin Welch, The Tradescants and the Foundation of the Ashmolean Museum, 50p (No former price)
  • Alan Williams, The Metallurgy of Muslim Armour, 30p (£ 1.50)