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Epact and Museum Based Research

Autumn, 1999

EPACT has been included among twelve research projects presented in a publication from the Museums and Galleries Commission on Research and Scholarship in Museums and Galleries. This accompanies a report on museum-based research in the United Kingdom, published under the title Lifting the Veil.

The case studies range across a variety of subjects and regions, from marble conservation on Merseyside to marine biology in Ulster. Another university museum, the Manchester Museum, is represented by a remarkable programme of breeding exotic frogs whose venoms have important applications in medical science.

The case study from Oxford deals in general with Epact and in particular with the quadrant and sundial by the sixteenth-century Olivetan monk Miniato Pitti, as described in Issue 8 of Sphæra. It is accompanied by a screen shot from the relevant entry in the Epact database. The publication will be distributed widely so Epact will benefit from valuable publicity in advance of its anticipated launch on the Internet in the new year.