We hope that you have enjoyed this introduction to the astrolabe and appreciated the varied roles that it has played over two millenia for a variety of societies. To learn more about astrolabes and to find more details on the items and instrument makers featured in this exhibition, please follow the links below:

The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford:


Epact database of scientific instruments:


Chaucer's astrolabe treatise:


Interactive astrolabes:



The students of the Starholder Exhibition: Tasia Asakawa, Alexi Baker, Samidh Chakrabarti, Samuel Globus, and Josep Simon.

Acknowledgements: The exhibition would not have been possible without the expertise and support of the staff of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford: Special thanks go to Dr. Jim Bennett and Owen Shaw especially for the last two hours before opening; Andy Hudson and Cheryl Wolfe for allowing us to display the books of Gemma Frisius and Joannes Stofler; Samantha Van Gerbig for design support; Tom Freshwater for obtaining the objects from storage; Dr. Stephen Johnston for putting our website online; and Mariella Guida and the other invigilators who continued to direct the public to our exhibition.