The Charge on the Nucleus – Sarah Watkinson

Sarah Watkinson Oxford Stanza Two

Sarah Watkinson
Oxford Stanza Two

Amabel remembers parting from Harry when he left her in Australia to go home and enlist.

The Charge on the Nucleus

I saw him last
in Sydney1.

The bow’s cliff shrank
to a cigarette-card ship
streaming smoke and flags.
I turned away.

Were there tree pipits2 in Gallipoli
in that dry gully?

We admired our wake
under new constellations.
The bigger the heart, the stronger the hold3.

© Sarah Watkinson, October 2015

1British Association Meeting, Australia 1914
2‘Parsons found tree pipit eggs in a tiny hole in a willow tree’, quoted from one of Harry Moseley’s boyhood letters
3′The atomic number of an element is proportional to the charge on the nucleus’ quoted from a scientific paper by Harry Moseley

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