Reciprocal – Byader Hamed

Byader Hamed Langley Academy

Byader Hamed
The Langley Academy

My name is Byader Hamed. I am 16 and in year 11. I came to the poetry workshop ready to learn to inspire and that I did! I saw the love Harry Moseley’s mother had for him through the diaries she kept and it tore at my heart.  By the end of the exhibition I was an emotional wreck (not that anyone could tell) and when we were asked to break the rules it clicked. I broke the laws of death and in turn nature.

The title ‘Reciprocal’ is mathematical; yet another Science. The term means to divide 1 by the variable in turn flipping itself; the reverse, the opposite. The poem is required to be a mess, for it to break as many rules as it does. Harry Moseley died a Son, Soldier and Scientist.

Dying. Death a Science in itself.


I lay in bed
Tucked in by worms
Fed by Maggots
& Kept alive by death

I stand tall
Respected by none
Looked up to by the clouds
& Given Death by Life

I lay in bed, Standing tall
Respected by none, Tucked in by worms
Looked up to by the clouds, Fed by maggots
Kept alive by Death, Given Death by Life.

© Byader Hamed, October 2015

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