Do Not Mourn – Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon Oxford Stanza Two

Andrew Dixon
Oxford Stanza Two

In 1913 Henry Moseley made his most important discovery…

Do Not Mourn

Do not mourn for Henry Moseley.
By his discoveries he made the light
that others might see further than he could.
No bullet, not war, will extinguish it.

For us he lives

See him now, in his laboratory
preparing the apparatus for
his experiments.  Hands on,
practical, meticulous.

(his words)
We have here a proof

On his own, long into the night.
A darkened room, the ozone smell
of arcing electricity.

That there is in the atom
a fundamental quality

Working fast
Developing plates
Measuring spectral lines
with unsurpassed precision.
Finding the pattern…

Which increases by regular steps
As we pass from one element to the next

Checking and double checking
that there are no mistakes.
The excitement of discovery.

This can only be the charge
On the central positive nucleus

The deeper meaning of
the Periodic Table.

© Andrew Dixon, October 2015

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