Creatures – Alia Rizwan

Alia Rizwan The Langley Academy

Alia Rizwan
The Langley Academy

My name is Alia Rizwan, and my poem is called Creatures. I was inspired to create this poem by the concept of men being creatures in war and losing all individuality. I wanted to portray Harry Moseley as unimportant despite all of his ground breaking discoveries, emphasising the tragic loss of his life and cruel truth of war.


We march through the shadows and prepare for this race,

Come, let’s disappear without a trace.

These memories won’t fade, yet I am losing myself,

Tragic waste of life, craving something else.

This synthetic war is all that we know,

We watch each other bleed, until blood stops its flow,

Extract the air from my lungs, for I refuse to obey,

We’ve lost love in our hearts so we fight pain away.

Now the sky is on fire, watch us burn down in flames,

With hate in our veins, who else is to blame?

We’re swallowed by trenches, awaiting our fate,

My dear, take a look at what human kind can create.

Burned at both ends, was there no other way?

We can’t control who we hurt, so we bleed pain away.

© Alia Rizwan, October 2015

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