The Measurers:
a Flemish Image of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century

Figure 7
A page from a manuscript now in the Bodleian Library, by Michael Coignet.

See also figure 8

Coignet is described on the title-page as 'Michaelis CoignÍti Mathematici Antwerpiani'. The title is 'De regulae pantometrae (iam recens ab illo inventae) fabrica & usu' and the instrument concerned is a form of sector, which can be fitted with sights and a magnetic compass and which can be mounted on a tripod stand. Coignet describes a wide range of applications, including astronomy, cartography and dialling, but its most likely uses would have been in surveying and calculating.
Bodleian Library MS. Canon Misc. 243.
By kind permission of the Curators of the Bodleian Library.

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