Verbiest's Prints

In the exhibition we were able to present only a selection from Ferdinand Verbiest’s Xinzhi Yixiangtu. All 105 of the prints are available here. Click on a thumbnail for larger versions, or choose a group from the list of themes such as astronomy and mechanics.

Theme: Machines [7]

Illustration of wormgears and their applications Illustrations based on the decomposition of forces and the inclined plane (top), and an illustration of the capstan carrying pieces of the instrument platforms up a ramp (bottom) Human-powered forge hammer after Beeson (1571/2) (left) and an illustration of the lever principle as applied to pincers (right) Illustration of a windlass (left) and a machine for lifting heavy weights (right) Gearwheels used to power the rotation of Verbiest Machine and accompanying diagram to lift building materials to Observatory platform. Machine made of tackle and a large windlass used to lift heavy objects to Observatory platform (left) and an illustration of a windlass (right)