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Time Machines

Special Exhibition Gallery
15th November 2011 – 15th April 2012

A new way of seeing the Museum’s exceptional timepieces.

Nicholas of Oxford with Phone

Nicholas of Oxford puzzles over a mobile phone; what so many of us use for time telling today

The mischievous scholar Nicholas of Oxford (as featured in Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale) takes us back to the future for a whistle-stop tour of the history of time-telling. For him a Roman sundial is yesterday’s news, but what will the medieval scholar make of a marine chronometer, a Renaissance sundial, a revolutionary decimal clock, a stopwatch or the most recent physics of time?

Admission free.

A full programme of events, lectures and workshops will run alongside the exhibition. Download a pdf of the programme.

The Exhibition’s curator, Dr Stephen Johnston, will give guided tours of Time Machines on Saturday 19th November and Saturday 10th December at 2pm.