16. Georg Joachim Rheticus, Narratio prima (Basel, 1566)

Type: book
Inv. No. n/a
Source: Royal Astronomical Society

Copernicus had agreed to a proposal from Rheticus that a tentative ‘first account’, the Narratio prima, of his theory could be published, in part to test the reaction to its revolutionary propositions. The tract was addressed to Schöner, who had encouraged Rheticus to visit Copernicus, and his name appears with that of Copernicus on the title-page of 1540. Narratio prima was reprinted in the second edition of De revolutionibus, published in Basel in 1566 and this is the version displayed here: De libris revolutionum Nicolai Copernici narratio prima, per M. Georgium Ioachimum Rheticum  ad D. Ioan. Schoenerum … scripta.

On loan from the Royal Astronomical Society

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