• A5 Programme of Events:
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  • Thoughts and Things: The Role of Craft in 16th-Century Astronomy and Cosmography LectureThoughts and Things: The Role of Craft in 16th-Century Astronomy and Cosmography
    Tuesday, 04 September 2012 at 19:00
    In this public lecture, the curator of the Renaissance in Astronomy exhibition, Professor Jim Bennett, explained that one of its aims is to draw attention to the objects made within the discipline of 16th-century astronomy. Books, globes and instruments were fabricated by craftsmen in workshops and print-shops that were valued as sites of astronomical practice.

  • Night of Museums: the Astronomical Workshop, Friday 18 May, 7–11pm
    A late opening for the Museum’s new exhibition, ‘The Renaissance in Astronomy’, had tours throughout the evening. The exhibition emphasised the importance of craft in 16th-century astronomy and there were a printer, an instrument-maker and a globe-maker at work in the Basement Gallery. ( Click picture to enlarge)

  • The Renaissance Globe Project: linked to the exhibition, includes a programme of workshops for schools and events for families and other audiences, celebrating the invention of the printed globe and the traditional craft of globe-making. Public events include opportunities to take part in creating a series of large themed-globes located at the partner museums, re-imagined through the experiences of visitors and their responses to the collections.