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SIS 25

19 August – 26 October 2008

SIS25 website [1]My reasons for collecting drawing instruments have complex threads. Perhaps my grandfather’s skill at painting numerals on watch and clock dials has an influence; or my self-taught work carrying out archaeological drawings, for both site records and publication. Also, my interest in graphical art, like my print of an eighteenth century sea battle from a copper engraving; or perhaps the consummately illustrated, albeit of an out-of-date style for today’s taste, my 1860 volume of ‘The Practical Draughtsman’s Book of Industrial Design’, by William Johnson; where one can enthuse over drawings that include the intricate wheels and cogs of an industrial flour mill, the elegance of a suspension bridge, or perhaps the schoolboy’s choice of an impressive Ten-Wheeled Double Bogie Tank Passenger Locomotive, on a fold-out page.

SIS 25 [1]

‘SIS 25’ is an exhibition held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Scientific Instrument Society. It presented a unique opportunity to view over 50 historical instruments, ephemera and books from 20 private collections.

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