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Eccentricity – Eccentric Inventors Competition

Wow, we received an amazing 127 entries (a selection of some of the best are in our competition gallery)!

The Winners Are …

After a pain-staking judging process, the expert panel can announce the following winners in the age categories under 8, under 10 and 10+:

'Moody Chair' by Deema Mahmud

Winner under 8’s is the ‘Moody Chair’ by Deema Mahmud, age 7. The Jury’s verdict: ” A chair that can detect if you are the Queen – imagine how British history might have changed if this invention had been made earlier!”


Archie Pepper, age 7 3\4 ‘Bully-Stopper’ The jury’s verdict: “A kind robot who squirts water at bullies and catches them in a net – this would certainly make life in schools much nicer!

Puppy-Maker’ by Susannah Willis, age 7. The jury’s verdict: “A machine to create living creatures – possibly the dream of many children and grown-ups. “


‘Liar Liar Megaphone’ by Ben Martin

Winner under 10’s is  the ‘Liar Liar Megaphone’ by Ben Martin, age 9.The jury’s verdict: “A megaphone to set liars’ pants on fire – every jury member felt that this very invention would make their life maybe not easier, but at least more enjoyable!”

Gavrick Sawyer, age 9 1\2 : ‘Knooler’ The jury’s verdict: “Incredible combination of a knife, ruler, and spoon – the
Knooler is possibly the new must-have accessory for the outdoor cook who is keen on exact size of ingredients.”

Kyran, age 9: ‘Choon Rider’ The jury’s verdict: “A bike with an accordion and a clock – this invention would certainly prove useful during rush hour at Oxford High Street – it would lighten the mood and ensure people are on time, while saving fuel.”


EggMayoMatic2001 by Matthew Holmes

Winner in 10 plus’ is  the ‘EggMayoMatic 2001’ by Matthew Holmes, age 12. The jury’s verdict: “This invention is well thought through, from the chicken in the nest box to an acid bath dissolving calcium shells of the eggs – probably something most chicken owners would enjoy having in their garden shed!”

Runner-ups:Emma Davies, age 10: ‘Rainbowmaker’ The jury’s verdict: An apparatus powered by solar panels which turns water into a rainbow and gold – We loved the detail of this rainbowmaker and were reminded of early alchemist’s experiments.”

Holly Martin, age 10: ‘Language Plaster’ The jury’s verdict: “Even though we were not quite sure about the connection of food and language, we found the idea that knowledge can be applied in the form of a plaster very refreshing and without doubt handy in all walks of life.”

Thanks to All of You!

Many thanks to all participants for their dedication and to Waterstone’s Oxford and the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting us with book token. We are particularly impressed with the joint effort of North Kidlington School,who received the Eccentric Inventions School Award.

Unfortunately we are unable to display all entries; a small selection is displayed in our small basement gallery.

About 40 or so of our best entries can be viewed in our competition gallery. We are hoping to have all entries online in due course.

Drawings can be collected at the museum on Friday 18 November.