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Cameras: the Technology of Photographic Imaging

20 May – 13 September 1997

Cameras exhibition [1]Of the cameras and photographs in the exhibition, few are of such interest and relevance to the Museum as those that once belonged to Miss Acland. Sarah Angelina Acland (1849-1930) was the daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, the Oxford physician, Regius Professor of Medicine, Radcliffe Librarian and President of the General Medical Council. The family lived in Broad Street across the road from the Museum in a house now demolished. There Miss Acland met many of the famous people of her day who visited her father, including Gladstone, Lewis Carroll, her father’s lifelong friend John Ruskin and her own friend William Herschel, son of the astronomer and early photographer John Herschel.

Cameras: the Technology of Photographic Imaging [1]

An exhibition of cameras and photographs from the museum’s collection.

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