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Alice’s Album

As part of the Oxfordshire-wide Alice’s Day on July 9th, visitors were invited to create Alice’s Photo Album. They each took a photo of one object they thought to be most helpful to guide Alice through Wonderland. Fergus chose the telescope because “With it she can see the dangers ahead”; Molly went for a Sun Dial: “Alice could give this to the White Rabbit so he could tell the time” and Emma picked a compass and rule because she “Wanted to help Alice find her way home”.

Why photography? Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, was a keen photographer and his photograph developing chemicals kit is on display in the basement gallery.

Alice's Photo Album Cover

Click to view Alice’s Photo Album (Adobe Flash required)

The photographs are also available as an image gallery.

Also created as part of the Alice’s Day celebrations in the Museum is this charming video made by StopMoGo with the help of some Museum visitors. You can even spot Chris Parkin, the Museum’s Education Officer, trying to catch some runaway cups of tea at the end!

The Animated Tea Party from StopMoGo on Vimeo.