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Regular Events

Drop-in during open hours.
Family Trails
Help yourself to family friendly trails in the Entrance Gallery.
Ages 5+.

Every Saturday, 12.30pm and 1.15pm.
Every Thursday, 2.30pm and 3.15pm.
Museum Highlights
Join our team of exceptional volunteer guides to find out more about our objects and the history of our very special building.

Download the Events and Exhibition programme as a PDF. 

Event Information:

  • Fri


    Special Event

    An evening of performance and music that celebrates Islamic culture and scientific contributions from across the world. Discover the Museum and its collections as a meeting point of ideas and people.

    All evening: drop into the Museum to chat to us about the Islamic collections and the Multaka-Oxford project, discover the Museum in a new light, see the lanterns made by Syrian families in Oxford, and write your name and star sign in Arabic.

    Painting on Death, 6-9pm
    A display of photographs by Akram Abo Alfoz. Akram’s work has been selected by Multaka-Oxford volunteers because it shows that even in times of war, people celebrate the idea of peace and humanity. Akram collects the remnants of the rockets and bullets that hit the city of Douma in Syria and turns them into incredible works of art, including a Christmas tree, to reflect the humanity and peace that is within us.

    Tours, 6.15pm, 7.10pm and 7.50pm
    Discover the collections in a new light with these tours of the Museum by Arabic tour guides (with an English translator).

    Poetry reading by Azfa Awad, 6.40pm and 8.30pm
    Azfa Awad is an award winning page and performance poet who won the Oxford Tower Poetry competition in 2013 for her poem ‘Origins’ and became the first Oxford Youth Ambassador for Poetry. She will be performing previously unpublished poems and a piece commissioned for the Christmas Light Festival.

    Music by Bilal Alasali, 8pm
    Bilal Alasali will be performing traditional Islamic nasheed (a style of vocal music). Bilal is a Syrian singer who comes from a long line of nasheed musicians. Bilal’s performance is inspired by light (noor in Arabic) and its influence on music.
    Bilal will also be reciting verses about light from the Quran at 7pm.

    Created with the Multaka-Oxford team for the Oxford Christmas Light Festival. Supported using funding from Oxford City Council.

    Drop-in, all ages

    This event has been made possible by Multaka-Oxford Volunteers: Abdullah, Ali, Chaitanya, Dot, Duncan, Farida, Ghazala, Hadi, Hannah, Hussein, Khalil, Mariam, Mohamed, Mohammad, Navigator, Niran, Nivin, Rawan, Richard, Roushin, Safaa, Shaimaa, Suheer, Thabo, Tammam and Waed

    With thanks also to Nuha Abdo and families of the Syrian Sisters, Asylum Welcome, Connection Support (SVPRS), Refugee Resource, Eilidh Bryan and Fusion Arts









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