29 05 2015 13:00 - 29 05 2015 16:00
Send a Message SOS
Family-Friendly Drop In
Discover Morse code and use the Museum’s telegraphic apparatus to unravel the mystery message. Suitable for all aged 7 upwards.
30 05 2015 14:30 -
From Semaphore Flags to Telephones
Table Talk
As part of the 'Dear Harry...' programme, Dr Elizabeth Bruton discusses communication systems and the vital nature of signalling at Gallipoli during World War One.
02 06 2015 19:00 -
Moseley and Manchester Science
Henry Moseley moved from Oxford to Manchester in 1910, leaving behind a small scientific community tied to the traditions of college life. He joined the dynamic research team around Ernest Rutherford and quickly reached the forefront of contemporary physics. Dr Neil Todd (University of Manchester) illuminates Moseley’s life and work in Manchester, and his rapid transformation from student to leading researcher. Part of our 'Dear Harry...' exhibition programme.
07 06 2015 14:30 -
From Crystals to Atoms
Table Talk
How did Henry Moseley investigate atoms using x-rays and crystals? Dr Stephen Johnston attempts to reveal the secret.
17 06 2015 18:00 -
Oxford in the Great War Bike Ride
Special Event
Come hear about the history of Oxford in World War I, from explosive research to dashing pilots as well as the Oxford connections of Henry Moseley and more! Twelve-mile bicycle ride with some off-road sections and regular stops included. Meet outside the Museum on Broad Street. Led by 'Dear Harry...' co-curator Dr Elizabeth Bruton as part of Oxford Bike Week.
18 06 2015 19:00 -
Gallipoli Film Programme
Special Event
Our season of Gallipoli films begins with All the King's Men (1999), a feature-length BBC television drama starring David Jason about the mystery of Sandringham Company of the Norfolk Regiment, which disappeared in action at Gallipoli in 1915. Part of the Dear Harry exhibition programme.
20 06 2015 14:00 - 20 06 2015 16:00
Beam me up, Harry!
Family-Friendly Drop In
Discover the story of Harry Moseley and make a simple spectroscope to detect an element from a beam of light. Children aged 9 upwards. Materials charge £2. Part of our 'Dear Harry...' exhibition programme.
27 06 2015 14:30 -
Ancient and Modern
Our new modern collections curator Dr Sophie Waring picks out highlights from the distant and more recent past.

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