Saturday, 29/11/14 14:00 - Saturday, 29/11/14 16:00
Pick a Pocket Sundial
Family-Friendly Drop In
Discover ingenious pocket sundials and make beautiful replicas based on ones from the Museum’s amazing collection. Suitable for children aged 7-13.
Saturday, 06/12/14 - Saturday, 06/12/14
Geek Out!
Special Event
The Geek is Good exhibition may have gone, but it’s not forgotten. Join us for a day of retro-gaming with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the BBC Micro. The finale of the day will be Matt Westcott ’s fulfi llment of a 32-year computing challenge - to recreate Mahler’s First Symphony for an orchestra of Spectrums!
Sunday, 07/12/14 15:00 -
Director's Choice
Museum director Silke Ackermann picks out highlights from the Museum's displays.
Saturday, 13/12/14 14:00 - Saturday, 13/12/14 16:00
Creatures of the Zodiac
Family-Friendly Drop In
Discover the Zodiac and make decorative hanging stars or a magical celestial dial. Suitable for ages 5 upwards.
Saturday, 20/12/14 14:30 -
Moon Dial
Table Talk
Stephen Johnston shows how a sundial can be used to tell the time by the light of the Moon.

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