Mario Cartaro
Mario Cartaro (Viterbo, circa 1540 - Naples, 1620) was an engraver, draughtsman and dealer in prints. He has been thought to be of nordic origin because of his habit of signing his name 'Kartarius' as well as 'Cartarius'. The signature on his 1579 Map of Rome, however, demonstrates that he originated from Viterbo: 'Marius Kartarius Viterbensis'. He was active in Rome from 1560, and was the engraver of works by various artists, views of the papal city and, especially, geographical maps. Among these, in addition to the map of Rome mentioned, one might note the rare Descrittione del territorio di Perugia drawn by Egnatio Danti. From 1586 on Cartaro lived in Naples, where he was called upon to draw maps and plans of the parts of the Kingdom.

For instruments by Mario Cartaro, see:
   Celestial Globe, Signed by Mario Cartaro, Rome, Dated 1577 (Firenze, IMSS)

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