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Signed by Tobias Volckmer
Dated 1608; Brunswick
Gilt brass; 360 x 360 mm

This is a 'universal' quadrant, capable of carrying out mathematical, astronomical, astrological and military calculations. The work of Tobias Volckmer of Brunswick, goldsmith to the house of Saxony, the instrument consists of a quadrant engraved on both sides. It is elegantly decorated, and the lines are drawn with such precision as to yield results even today with only a small margin of error.

The instrument is provided with a compass, which could be easily installed or removed, and which is itself provided with a lid which works as a sun and moon dial.

A Jacob's staff with a movable cursor and a tripod also belonged to the instrument, which was brought from Germany by Prince Mattias de' Medici in 1635.

Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze
Inventory nos 2465 and 1495

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