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Horizontal Dial
Attributed to Carlo Plato
Dated 1585; Rome
Brass; 89 mm in diameter

This circular horizontal pin gnomon dial is contained in a pasteboard case, covered with gold-tooled leather and lined with silk. One side of the disc, which has a pivoted compass with 8 directions, bears the names of the winds and cardinal points 'MERIDIES', 'Aphricus', 'FAVONIVS', 'Circius', 'SEPTENTRIO', 'Boreas', 'SOLANVS', 'Eurus'. In the centre is a pin gnomon dial for Italian hours marked from 9 to 23, and the inscriptions 'Latitudo 45 Graduu' and 'Romae anno d{omi}ni 1585'.

On the other side of the disc are the Italian names of the winds: 'TRAMONTANA', 'Greco', 'LEVANTE', 'Scirocco', 'OSTRO', 'Garbino', 'PONENTE', and 'Maestro'. The pin gnomon dial on this side marks Italian hours from 9 to 23 and the inscription reads 'Romae Anno d{omi}ni 1585 Polus 42 Graduu'. The dial has been attributed to Carlo Plato (Carolus Platus or Platel) of Rome, on the basis of comparison with instruments such as Epact 75343 to which it is very similar.

Ilaria Meliconi

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 49535

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