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Diptych Dial
Signed by Hans Troschel
circa 1600; Nuremberg
Ivory and brass; 82 x 52 x 14 mm

The vignette on the inner side of the upper leaf of this diptych dial represents a putto with his arm resting on a skull, as a reminder of death, and a sandglass in his right hand. Below it, the inscription reads 'HORA FVGIT MORS VENIT' ('time runs away, death comes').

This image contrasts with the other vignette, at the bottom of the inner side of the lower leaf, which represents a pelican feeding her young (a symbol of Redemption).

The outer part of the lower leaf is emblazoned with a coat of arms, which has not yet been identified. This shield and crest probably belonged to the owner or the dedicatee of the dial.

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 42021

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