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Horizontal Dial
Signed by Hans Koch
Dated 1567; Munich
Brass; 206 x 206 mm

A square brass base plate has a simple border decoration of two flat grooves continues around the plate, interrupted by 4 holes for securing screws. Within this is a pointed arch and a triangle framing the hour lines, while the space outside the frame is filed with ornate decoration of birds, foliage and fruit. The central area has hour divisions numbered 5 to 12 to 7 by 1, with shorter lines for half-hours. Inscribed: 'Polvs 51.' and '1567. HK. [monogram]'.

The solid, shaped gnomon is decorated on both sides inside a plain border, the decoration being foliage and fruit with a parrot-like bird on each side. The decoration on one side of the gnomon incorporates the HK monogram and the date 1567. The shaped north side of the gnomon has a hook for a plumb-line (not extant) and a target point beneath. The gnomon is secured by two wedges (not original) engaging holes in two lugs extending through the plate.

Jim Bennett

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 46200

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