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Diptych Dial
Signed by Georg Hartmann
Dated 1562; Nuremberg
Ivory and brass; 61 x 48 x 11 mm

This is one of the last recorded instruments by the famous Nuremberg maker Georg Hartmann who died in 1564. The diptych dial is stamped with the Nuremberg dial maker Hieronymus Reinmann's mark, a crown. Many of Reinmann's dials show close similarity with Hartmann's dials and it is therefore likely that Hartmann, who was never a member of the compass maker's craft himself, commissioned compass makers such as Reinmann to produce diptych dials according to the technical designs which he produced himself.

The dial contains a latitude list and a vertical and horizontal string gnomon dial.

British Museum, London
Registration no. MLA 1900,10-17.1

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