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Objects of Invention: Schools’ study day events

 The project delivered three study day events on engineering to a total of 150 students from local secondary schools studying design technology and engineering at Key Stage 4. A pilot event was delivered in March, and two further events were delivered in June 2013.

The study days included a circus of activities planned and delivered by the team of engineers with a range of demonstrations and hands-on activities focussing on objects of invention and engineering research projects. These included medical biometric applications of mobile technology for use in remote circumstances, stirling engines and current research on space applications, gyroscopes and uses in navigation and mobile technology, steampumps, Brunel’s atmospheric railway, and the evolution of the stethoscope.

The programme included a newly developed workshop based on a design challenge in which the students were asked to create a prototpye model interactive museum exhibit of a Victorian phenakistocope. The students worked in small groups and presented there solutions to the whole group at the end of the workshop. This workshop, ‘Magical Movies’, is included as a regular offer in Museum’s education programme.

For the programme, see Study Day Flyer.


What the teachers said about the event:

‘An excellent day. All the activities were well organized and fit for purpose. Will definitely do this again if offered.’

‘The students got to see ‘real’ engineers at work and presenting inventions they were working on’

It was good to have people working in the field to share their knowledge with the students – it encouraged their view of engineering