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Ashmolean Museum

The huge variety of materials used by different civilisations in art and everyday life is the focus of the globe at the Ashmolean Museum.

Each Renaissance Globe Project event takes a different material or set of materials and offers families the chance to visit a handling table of real museum objects, as well as explore the Museum to find objects from different parts of the world that use these materials in their construction. Inspired by what they find, families are then asked to create drawings which are hung on the frame of the globe.

To find out more about each event listed here, click on its name.

Metals – Family, drop-in; 1 August
Spices, tea, coffee and ceramics – Family, drop-in; 2 August
Wood, Leather and Lacquer – Family, drop-in; 15 August
Ivory, Shell and Silk – Family, drop-in; 16 August
Seas and Oceans – Family, drop-in; 27 August


Ashmolean Museum Globe from Museum of the History of Science on Vimeo