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What the Children and Parents had to Say

From the parents..

I think the project was great and my son really enjoyed it and involving the parents makes it even more valuable.

Parent, East Oxford Primary School

I am very sure my children will remember this experience for many years to come.

Thank you for making this possible.

Parent, East Oxford Primary School

My son (and no doubt, the other children) have learnt a great deal through this creative method of teaching! Thank you!!

Parent, East Oxford Primary School

Wow! What a fantastic partnership between the museum and our school. The participation of everyone involved from the children to museum staff and teachers was wonderful to see. Learning can be so much fun!

Parent, East Oxford Primary School

From the children:

The story helped me concentrate and helped me remember the clocks

Iman aged 6

I want to come back to the museum and bring Mum and Dad and tell them the story of the clocks

Kenzie aged 6

We came to you so I think it’s very good that you came to us

Rafael aged 6

I like the project because I found out that you can tell a story using almost
anything for inspiration
Anneesha aged 10

‘I like the project because you can explore the Museum and find things you never knew existed and I like using the stories, it’s more fun.’
Ismail aged 10

I enjoyed the storytelling because I could imagine everything and it was
extremely funny
Milo aged 10

I really enjoyed it and I think nothing should be improved. I enjoyed listening to the stories Anna told. They were really imaginative.

Lojain aged 10

I did enjoy seeing my work displayed in the museum. I also enjoyed the story with Anna. I would of liked sharing my work with my Dad but he didn’t come. I really did enjoy this entire experience. I really would like to do it again.
Milo aged 10

I liked Anna’s story the best.
Adeel aged 9

I really enjoyed this project because my work is now related to the museum and our parents saw what we did and they’ll be proud of us. Anna was great, she did good expressions when she told the stories.

Jasmin aged 9

I enjoyed working with Anna and Lara. I would like to do it all again

Sanna aged 10

I really want to do the project again

Azeem aged 10

Thank you for all your work letting us see the objects. Thank you Anna for doing such good stories for us.

I really enjoyed seeing my work displayed in the galleries, and I enjoyed hearing Anna’s last story.
Buket aged 11

I really enjoyed the whole project, but most of all, the magnificent storyteller Anna, she makes everything funny. She even gets the parents to participate.

Samiur aged 10

I really enjoyed working with Lara and Anna. The museum is really good and I think you should do this project again because more people could learn from it.
Alexsandra aged 9

The best bit was sharing my work with the parents.

Amisha aged 10

I want Anna to tell more stories because she makes the stories very exciting

Halima aged 8

Whenever Anna does a story I feel like I am in the story

Tahirah aged 10

I just wanted more stories please

Hina aged 8

Anna is a fantastic storyteller, and I loved seeing my work in the museum. Mumin Year 5/6
I enjoy hearing Anna’s stories most of all
Bilal aged 8

What I enjoyed most was making up things about our objects.
Mohammed aged 10

I would improve nothing about this project. The best part for me was the stories.
Patryk aged 9

I enjoyed the museum, when Anna was telling us stories.

Aminah aged 10

I liked all the stories, but the best bit was meeting the museum expert Stephen.
Joel aged 11