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Globe Makers

Key Stage: 3 and 4
Length: 1-2 hours (adaptable)
Maximum number: See Planning a visit [1]

FF globe ws 12-05-26 011_web [2]This session introduces students to the history and invention of the terrestrial globe as a scientific instrument and how it inspired the Great Age of Exploration.

Students will discover how the most famous cosmographer of the 16th-century, Gerard Mercator, created the most accurate maps of the time using scientific methods.

They will discover the original method of globe-making and make a model of a terrestrial or celestial globe.

Students will gain insight into the development of new scientific concepts from a historical perspective and offers insights into how science works.

This session can be linked with a session at the University Museum of Natural History [3], the Pitt Rivers Museum [4], or the Ashmolean [5].


The Renaissance Globe Project [6] includes resources [7] for exploring globes in the collection, instructions on how to make a model globe, and a video film about one of the oldest printed celestial globes [8].