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Art in exhibitions

Steampunk Next Generation: Albert [1]

The winning student entry to Steampunk: The Next Generation

The Museum of History of Science has provided inspiration for many contemporary artists and students. Artists who have exhibited at the Museum include Ray Lee (The Ethometric Museum), Susan Derges (Natural Magic), Nick Turvey (Curved Glass), Matthew Galpin (Anvilled Stars), Rebecca Hind (Moonscape), and Roddy Bell (The Book of Imaginary Science).

Previous artist-led exhibitions at MHS:

Al-Mizan [2]: An exhibition about sciences and arts in the Islamic world

Anvilled Stars [3]: An intervention of meteoric mirrors created by artist and sculptor, Matthew Galpin

Moonscope [4]: An exhibition of images of the moon including water colours created by contemporary artist Rebecca Hind

Small Worlds [5]: An exhibition about the history of microscopy and the ‘art of the invisible’ featuring a fascinating array of images from historic microscope slides

Steampunk [6]: The world’s first museum exhibition of steampunk art including photographs and videos

Natural Magic [7]: An exhibition of photographs by the contemporary artist and photographer Susan Derges inspired by the Museum’s collection of early chemical apparatus

Necessity is the Mother of Invention [8]: An exhibition of work by students from Oxford Brookes University inspired by MHS and the Pitt Rivers Museum

In addition to specific exhibitions and interventions by artists, many of the special exhibitions provide a wealth of material for visual research – see MHS exhibitions online [9]