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Art and design sessions

Three options are available to groups of art students:

Digital cameras and printers can be made available for use in the galleries by arrangement, and there is a large table in the basement gallery which can be used for cutting, pasting, and as a work base for other resources.

For bookings and enquiries contact: secondary+post16@mhs.ox.ac.uk [1]

Key Stages 3 and 4

microscopy_icon [2] Making Micrographia

  • Observing and drawing with microscopes.
  • Making monoprints from drawings.
  • Look at early illustrated books on Microscopy.
orrery_icon [3] Art and the Machine

  • Discover mechanical objects in the Museum.
  • Make drawings and take photographs.
  • Create collage using printed images and drawings.
Henry Box Optics & Perspective Apr 2010 005_cropped [4] Secret Knowledge

  • Optical demonstrations.
  • Learn about the invention of linear perspective.
  • Hands-on drawing with camera obscuras.

Post-16 and A-level

Sessions available at KS4 can be adapted for post-16. Other projects which small groups of students have been involved with at the Museum including stop-frame animation [5] using themes and objects from the collection.