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Making Micrographia

Key Stage: 3 or above
Length: Adaptable
Maximum number: 20 students

Hooke's drawing of a flea, 1665 [1]

Hooke’s drawing of a flea, 1665

This session focuses on the art of microscopic image making, beginning with the remarkable engravings contained in an early edition of Robert Hooke’s Micrographia, published in 1665.

A short presentation is followed by a practical session in which students use modern microscopes to draw from a range of old microscope slides of biological specimens. They then learn how to create monoprints from their drawings using water-based inks.

Examples of work from previous visits can be seen in the Micrographia Gallery [2] and in the Artefact [3] web resource.

See images from the Museum’s collection of micrographs in the Small Worlds [4] exhibition.

Micrograph of plant structure [5]

Micrograph of plant structure








Student monoprint from Hooke's drawing of mould [6]

Student monoprint from Hooke’s drawing of mould