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artsaward logo.phpThe Museum welcomes art students to explore an unusual collection of scientific instruments, many of which are beautifully crafted exhibiting an extraordinary range of materials and decorative detail. These include early time-keeping devices, clocks and sundials, globes and orreries, mechanical devices, a medical collection, cameras, and other optical instruments such as microscopes, telescopes and the camera obscura.

Themes which have been explored at the Museum of History of Science include space and time, optics and perspective, geometry and Islamic design, human anatomy, and steampunk.

Arts Award

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification designed to support young people aged 5-25 in developing their arts and leadership talents. There are five levels which include Discover (introductory level), Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Oxford University Museums are collectively an Arts Award centre, and are also Arts Award supporters.

For more information about the Arts Award, please see