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The Fourth Plinth schedule is now FULL and we cannot accept any more submissions. Thank you to all our contributors!

Are you an eccentric inventor? A scientist with a story to tell? An artist? A collector with a fascinating heirloom? Want to show your work to the world? Why not exhibit it on the ECCENTRICITY Fourth Plinth and join the other occupants!

Lego Plaiting Machine by Alexander Allmont

Alexander Allmont's Lego Plaiting Machine

This summer’s special exhibition, Eccentricity, is full of unexpected objects and stories of irregular behaviour – the Fourth Plinth is your chance to share yours. Whether it’s something you’ve made, that you have lying around at home, or that you want to show off, sign up for a chance to show it alongside the remarkable instruments and apparatus of our Entrance Gallery.

The MHS Fourth Plinth runs from 2 August to 16 October and is open to submissions from the public. Providing they are legal and safe for show within the Museum, all entries will be considered for a place on the Fourth Plinth. Sorry the Fourth Plinth is now full

Additional notes

  • We intend to provide an online record of all the objects which are displayed. We would like to use your name, the object’s caption and short description, and an image. Your submission of this form signifies your agreement to this online publication.
  • No sales will be made of objects whilst they are on show in the Museum, but makers are permitted to advertise their web address at the bottom of the label if they wish to publicise their work.
  • Objects that fit within the dimensions 600mm wide x 450mm deep x 550mm high can be protected by a securely fixed perspex top. We may consider larger objects but cannot guarantee the same level of security.
  • The University does not insure these objects whilst they are on display and shall not be liable for any damage to the objects. If your object is valuable, please think carefully before offering it for display on the Fourth Plinth.
  • Time slots on the Fourth Plinth will be decided by the Museum. Any object, as long as it’s legal, will be considered.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the delivery and collection of their object. Any objects uncollected by 18 November may be disposed of.
  • The Museum will only receive objects which have been accepted for the Fourth Plinth. Successful applicants will be informed by the Museum and invited to deliver their object. We cannot accept unsolicited offers.