Dog and Bone, c.1997

Plinth Dates: 11 – 13 August 2011

‘Dog and Bone’, by Rachel Woodruff, c.1997

‘Dog and Bone’, by Rachel Woodruff, c.1997

I made this during my degree, combining a long held fascination with skeletons and, well, telephones. It is modelled on the classic BT phone of the 1980s that I still own. I knew I would find a home for it one day!

It is made mainly of chicken bones – boiling them made our student house smell rather interesting for a while.

Reading meaning into it today, it occurred to me that it could be viewed as a commentary on the changes in communication over the last couple of decades, perhaps even the death of real communication. Or you might just think it is an intriguing object.

Rachel Woodruff

[Editor’s note: in Cockney rhyming slang, “dog and bone” = “telephone”.]