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1. Title page (Engraving) Baker on the Universe, 18th Century2. Print (Woodcut) illustrating use of the quadrant, 16th Century3. Print (Engraving) of Nicolas Saunderson, published by G.Smeeton4. Print (Engraving) of Nicolas Saunderson, by C.F. Fritzsch after...5. Print (Engraving) of John Taylor by F.H. van Hove, after unknown...6. Print (Engraving) of Johannes Taisnerius, engraved by L'Armessin,...7. Print (Engraving) of Nicholas Saunderson, after J. Vanderbank,...8. Print (Engraving) of Armillary Sphere and Planetary Systems,...9. Print (Engraving and Etching) of John Booker, by R.Cooper after...10. Print (Stipple Engraving) John Booker, engraved by R. Cooper,...11. Print (Engraving) Prosper Alpinus12. Armillary Sphere, by Cornelius Vinchx, Naples, 160113. Miniature Armillary Sphere on a Gilt Pillar, French, 19th Century14. Slater's Armillary Sphere, English, c. 189015. Armillary Sphere, by W. & S. Jones, London, c. 180016. Armillary Sphere, by Dominicus Sanctes Sanctini, Italian, c....17. Armillary Sphere, Flanders, c. 155018. Armillary Sphere, by Philippe Danfrie, French, c. 157019. Armillary Sphere, Italian, c. 150020. Armillary Sphere, by Carlo Plato, Rome, 158821. Armillary Sphere, Italian?, c. 158022. Copernican Armillary Sphere, by John Rowley, London, c. 170023. Copernican Armillary Sphere, by John Rowley, London, c. 170024. Diptych Dial, by Paul Reinmann, Nuremberg, 157825. Astronomical Clock and Armillary Sphere, by Antide Janvier,...