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12. Turret Clock from Steeple Aston Church, Oxfordshire, Attributed... 13. Model of Oxford Canal Barge 14. Aerial Photographs and Photocopies of Maps for Use with Stereoscopes,... 15. Portfolio of Prints Relating to James Watt, Compiled by James... 16. Print, Reproduction of 1677 Map of Oxfordshire with glass and... 17. Box of 97 Lantern Slides of Zoological Subjects: Ashmolean... 18. Box of 29 Lantern Slides of Zoological Subjects: Ashmolean... 19. Box of 58 Lantern Slides of Uganda 20. Two Boxes of 13 Lantern Slides of Zanzibar in Cigar Case, 1946 21. Box of 59 Lantern Slides of Field Trips and Other Subjects:... 22. Box of 95 Lantern Slides of Insects, Mostly Butterflies and... 23. Box of 61 Lantern Slides of Entomological, Zoological and Botanical... 24. Box of 72 Lantern Slides of Zoological Subjects, Including... 25. Pulley from the Sheldonian Theatre