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1. Musician's Slide Rule, English, Late 19th Century2. Vertical Hanging Dial, Dutch?, 17th Century3. Calculating Rods, English, 17th Century4. Early Gothic Astrolabe Rete, English?, c. 13205. Hop Tally Counter, English, c. 1830-406. Hop Tally Counter, English, c. 1830-407. Astronomical Instrument, Spanish?, c. 1700?8. Equinoctial Ring Dial, English, 18th Century9. Horary Disc and Quadrant, North African, 1782/310. Abacus, Japanese, Early 20th Century11. Ring-Dial, by W.S., English, 176512. Equinoctial Ring Dial, by Elias Allen?, English, c. 165013. Carpenter's Folding Rule, by F. B. Cox, English, c. 186014. Ring-Dial, by IH, English?, 18th Century15. Astrolabe, Workshop of Jean Fusoris?, French?, c. 140016. Gothic Astrolabe with Universal Projection and Toothed Rete,...17. Modern Plastic Astrolabe, by H.N. Saunders, English, 197918. Slide Rule, English, Early 20th Century19. Sundial with Calendar, Quadrants and Lunar Volvelle, by Roger...20. Scaphe Dial and Surveyor's Compass, by Alexander Ravillius,...21. Horizontal Garden Dial, by Nicholas Oursian?, English, 154222. Slide Rule for Vickers Machine Gun, by B. J. H. & Co. Ltd.,...23. Pocket Adder, by Tappit for Taylors Typewriters, English, c....24. Pocket Adder, by Barnard, English, c. 186025. Pocket Watch-Type Horizontal Dial, by Rousseau, French, c....