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1. Bleeding Basin, by G. Peet & Son, Liverpool, c. 18502. Print (?Lithograph, Hand-Coloured, Framed) of James Sadler...3. Materia Medica Cabinet, by Evans, Lescher & Webb, London, ...4. Print (Handbill) Advertisement of an Exhibition of the Smallest...5. Print, Map of England and Wales, Published by George Philip...6. Advertisement for Abraham & Dancer (of Liverpool) No. 13 Cross...7. Print, Advertisement for A Course of Astronomical Lectures,...8. Print, Pamphlet Advertisement, for Cescinsky, H., Webster,...9. Print (Engraving) of Joseph Priestley, after Gilbert Stuart,...10. Alcohol Proof Slide Rule, by Dicas, Liverpool, 19th Century11. Microscope with Eyepieces and Micrograph Slides, by A. Abraham,...12. Two-day Marine Chronometer, by Dobbie McInnes Ltd, Glasgow,...13. Circumferentor, by A. Abraham, Liverpool, 1818-185014. Octant, by Thomas Howard, Liverpool, 176915. Part of Cometarium, by J. Taylor, Liverpool, 183616. Circumferentor, by Abraham, Liverpool, c.183017. Octant, by J. Steele & Son, Liverpool, c. 184018. Cometarium, by R. Adie, Liverpool, 183519. Verge Movement Watch, by John Anderson, Liverpool20. Microscope Stand21. Set of Microscope Slides, English, Late 19th Century22. Equinoctial Dial, Made for George Philip & Son, German, c....23. Slater's Armillary Sphere, English, c. 189024. Box Of Chemicals25. Skinner's Mask